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Footloose In Upstate New York

I am not a worldly man. Save for a few Caribbean islands, I’ve not been outside of the U.S. But, I have seen most of this great country and I consider myself well-read. So it was with amazement, serious amazement, that I discovered a sub-culture this past weekend that I never knew existed. At a […]

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Summer’s Closing

Such a strange summer. I have spent much time on the ocean each summer since I was five. We are fortunate to live nice beautiful beaches and coastline. On the water is where I smile widely. This summer, because of increased prices at marinas and high fuel prices, we kept the boat out of the […]

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The Stories

In the last post, I mentioned I’d found a cool site when researching Bob Seger’s “Like A Rock” song. The site is Songfacts.  I’ve written before about how I like to listen to lyrics of songs and try to get meaning out of the words. Songfacts helps you by explaining why the singer or band […]

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